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yourpicoftheday's Journal

Your Picture Of The Day
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What's this about?
This community is for your special "picture of the day" - pictures that you like, that somehow touch you in a special way and that you want everyone to see :) It can be a picture that you took yourself, but it doesn't have to be.
Who can post here?
Everyone who joins can post pictures :)
Are there any rules?
° If the pictures are not your own, please always try to include the source and/or the copyright holder of the image.

° Please refrain from posting any pictures with a political background, simply to avoid the drama.

° If you post pictures that contain nudity of any kind, ALWAYS put them under a cut and put a WARNING in your post, so that everyone can see it.

° Please try to keep the size of the image to a maximum of a width of 600pixels. If you don't know how to do that, look here (link follows soon). If you want to post bigger images, please upload it somewhere (for example photobucket) and only post the link here, or a smaller image plus the link.

° Please be nice to each other! We're all here for the fun :)
Anything else?
If you take pictures yourself and have a website or a flickr account etc and want us to add a link of it, drop us (upsa_daisy or polvodestrella) a line (via lj message). Same when you have any other links to add for the frontpage :)
And most important - have fun! =)
Sites of members
polvodestrella: icon journal / flickr account
upsa_daisy: icon journal / flickr account
bella_fox: flickr account / Portfolio
spicedogs: flickr account
darknumb: deviant art
luminous_lu: flickr account / art community
paletendril: flickr account
mysticxf: flickr account / icons
tej_agni: deviant art
archangel27: deviant art
padawansguide: flickr account
suriontwilight: flickr account
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