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30 April 2012 @ 11:43 pm
I didn't take this photo. It may even be photoshopped, but I thought, I should share it. I used to love this community and it is now sleeping. Maybe it is time to wake up. Enjoy.

18 October 2010 @ 02:51 pm

06 September 2010 @ 01:26 pm
Taken at the Minnesota zoo in the butterfly garden which closes today.
06 July 2010 @ 09:56 pm
Hey! I just wanted to let you know that there is a nice community out there. It has weekly themed post where you can publish your pictures and monthly scavenger hunts. It sounds fun and if you want to know more about it just click the banner :)

04 July 2010 @ 05:35 pm
I got the chance to visit the new Harry Potter section at Universal in Florida. Here's a pic of the castle. This is actually an iphone pic that I applied the "shake it" app too - it makes it like a Polaroid. I liked the results.

07 May 2010 @ 12:08 pm
Taken a few weeks ago - it looked like a white wonderland of blossoms all up the street.

10 April 2010 @ 11:37 pm

What:  Marionettes
Where:  Olvera Street, Los Angeles
When:  In February
Why:  Because they fill me with horror yet I could not look away. 
Current Mood: soresore
06 April 2010 @ 10:41 am

Anthony Quinn was the BOMB.  The muralist knew this, God bless him.

What:  Mural on the Victor Clothing Co. building.
Where:  Downtown Los Angeles

When:  February, 2010

Why:  Because it is great, that's why.
How:  From the side door of the beautiful Bradbury Building. 

Current Mood: tiredtired
06 April 2010 @ 12:43 am
I'm not sure I thanked everyone for your nice comments last time (things have been busy), so thank you!

I took a bunch of spring flower pics this weekend in Pittsburgh. Here's one: